Chance C4030732 8' Hydraulic Conductor Cutter

Chance C4030732 8' Hydraulic Conductor Cutter
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Product Information

Chance C4030732 8' Hydraulic Conductor Cutters are used to cut conductors up to 954 MCM ACSR, all-aluminum and 500 MCM copper. Operation is similar to that of an hydraulic jack; a knob-handle is turned to enable the lineman to operate the pump handle. When the cut is completed, the knob is turned in the opposite direction to allow the cutting head to open.

Features include jaws designed to cut without flattening the conductor. The jaws are also adjustable to compensate for wear. The hydraulic hose is located outside the pole for easy maintenance. It is extremely well balanced, requiring minimum effort to cut large conductors.

Additional Features

  • The Epoxiglas pole, handle and hydraulic hose have been tested to 100 kV per foot (ASTM F711).
  • Hydraulic oil has a dielectric strength of 25+ kV per ASTM D877-64.
  • Hose has a minimum burst strength of 12,000 PSI.
  • Pump provides a maximum pressure of 9,000 PSI.


Product Code Length Cutting Capacity
C4030731 6' To 954 MCM ACSR
C4030732 8' To 954 MCM ACSR


Product Code C4030732
Manufacturer Chance
Stock Level
Condition New
Shipping Weight 22lb
Shipping Dimensions 102.000 x 8.000 x 6.000 in

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