Universal Hot Sticks

Universal Hot Sticks

Universal Hot Sticks

Our range of universal straight hot sticks are available in various lengths, diameters and end attachments. Nesco Manufactured Products brand of hot sticks are constructed with impact-resistant fiberglass, high-quality castings and our proprietary clear-coat epoxy. The combination of these materials and our unique manufacturing processes creates a tool that is extremely moisture resistant, enabling it to last in the field much longer than the competing tools. 

Hot Stick Attachments

A hot stick is an essential tool that is used by linemen in the electrical utility distribution and transmission industry. The insulated stick in manufactured with fiberglass and they vary in length from 4 feet to 40 feet in length, which enables the worker performing the work to keep at a specified distance from the live source. The universal splined end of a hot stick enables one to attach multiple attachments and tools to the end/s of the stick, which allow the linesmen to remove, replace, switch on, switch off, cut, tighten and many other tasks that are needed to be performed in a safe manner.

Hot / Live

When linemen work on high voltage supply distribution or transmission networks, the work is often performed when the power is in a live (hot) state, as this enables the end user from being without or disconnected from the power source. Insulated hot sticks, are just one of the insulated tools that are used that allow these installs or repairs to take place without any service interruptions.