GloBug GB8LED 800W LED Balloon Light

GloBug GB8LED 800W LED Balloon Light
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Product Information

GloBug, available exclusively from MultiQuip, makes the finest glare-free lighting systems in the industry, suitable for use in a variety of municiple and industrial applications such as at construction sites, emergency response, or special events. Lighting systems are available in both LED and conventional metal halide configurations.

Multiquip introduces LED technology to our line of GloBugs. LED bulbs are safer, producing significantly less heat than Metal Halide bulbs while offering better color consistency, immediate strike/re-strike operations, and a long operating life. The GB8LED comes standard with an air-assisted, telescopic 3-stage pentapod stand. Also offered is the model GBC8LED that offers a steel zinc-plated mobile cart with 8" pneumatic all-terrain tires, three outriggers and brake system.
  • Superior Lighting Properties - Color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering and overall quality
  • Shock resistant LED assembly - Protects the lamps and water resistant
  • Long life hours, low maintenance - Up to 40,000 hours of operating life per bulb
  • Safer; LED holds less heat - LED Lamps (158°) vs. Metal Halide (422°)
  • Optional illuminance settings - 8-stage dimming controls (400W, 600W, 800W)
  • 110,000 lumens (800W), 68,000 lumens (600W), 53,000 lumens (400W)
  • Safe, convenient operating process - Instant start and restarting
  • Environmentally, economically smart - LED reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions up to 85%
  • Flexible set-up options - Three position Pentapod stand, 3 Stage (gas assist) vertical mast assembly

Unit Specifications

Minimum Generator 850 Watts
Voltage 115V
Current 6.9A @ 115V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Dimming Switch Low/Med/High
Lamp Type 800W LED (x1)
Lumens 110,000 lm (High)
Mast Pentapod, 3-stage
Max Height 13 ft
Balloon Dimensions 47 x 28 in
Wind Limits 25 MPH
Product Code GB8LED
Manufacturer MultiQuip
Stock Level
Condition New
Shipping Weight 48lb
Shipping Dimensions 50.000 x 12.000 x 10.000 in

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