Chance C4031035 8' Telescoping Grip-All Clampstick "Shotgun"

Chance C4031035 8' Telescoping Grip-All Clampstick
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Product Information

Functionally identical to the single-piece Chance Grip-All Clampsticks but with a telescoping design allowing a single stick to perform the duties of several standard shotguns, saving precious storage space.

Features & Applications

  • Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
  • Each size readily locks at variable working lengths
  • Operation of the telescoping style is identical to that of the single-piece style
  • Design features rotating coupler and an engineered positive-lock button with safety stop to keep sections from parting or hook from releasing while in use
  • Mechanism locks sections into a solid, rattle-free tool
  • Black head makes it obvious head is not included in minimum approach distance
  • Can replace several conventional clampsticks saving limited storage space
  • All controls can be easily accessed while wearing gloves


  • Operating mechanism (or "shotgun") incorporates a sliding hand grip that opens the hook to grasp a clamp eyescrew and retract it into the tool head
  • Thumb latch must be depressed to release locked hand grip that opens the hook
  • For smooth operation, investment-cast stainless steel components include Jaw, Jaw Holder, Safety Stop, Lockbar and Latch
  • Lexan® tool head is designed for close-quarter operations
  • Worker must maintain recommended work distance based solely on the Epoxiglas® pole section of the handle, as the hook and its actuator are made of metal
  • Easy-care Grip-All Clamptsticks do not require field stripping to clean
  • All insulated parts, including the operating rod, are outside the main pole, readily accessible to wipe dry

N&L Line Equipment tests and fully refurbishes all types of Hotsticks at our location in Poulsbo, WA. For testing and repair services, please see our sister site.

Product Code Lockable


Weight Storage Bag
(sold separately)
C4031035 5'6.75", 6'9.5", 8' 5'2.75" 10 lbs P6436
C4031036 8'6.75", 10'4.5", 12'2.25", 14' 8'2.75" 15 lbs P6438
C4033060* 5'10.5", 7'1.25", 8'3.75" 5'6.5" 10 lbs P6436
C4033061* 8'10.5", 10'8.25", 12'6", 14'3.75" 8'6.5" 15 lbs P6438

* Identical to C4031035 and C4031036 but with a universal fitting instead of the rubber end cap

Product Code C4031035
Manufacturer Chance
Stock Level
Condition New
Shipping Weight 11lb
Shipping Dimensions 68.000 x 5.000 x 5.000 in

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