Salisbury G99 Glove Inflator Kit

Salisbury G99 Glove Inflator Kit
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Product Information

The Salisbury G99 Glove Inflator Kit is a simple, easy to use, portable glove inflator, providing a quality means of inspecting gloves in the field. The glove is secured to the inflator using a nylon strap and fastened with a hook and pile closure. Inflation is accomplished by pumping the bellows of the inflator against any surface. NOTE: Gloves should be expanded to no more than 1.5 times their normal size for Type I, and 1.25 times normal for Type II Salcor.

Product Code G99
Manufacturer Salisbury
Stock Level
Condition New
Shipping Weight 3lb
Shipping Dimensions 9.000 x 7.000 x 7.000 in

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