Salisbury Glove Sizing Information

To determine the proper size of Salisbury insulating rubber gloves needed, measure the circumference around the palm and round up to the nearest inch. Allow for extra room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.

This measurement gives a good approximation of the glove size you should order, but the best-fitting size for you may be up to one-half or even a full size larger or smaller depending on your hand and finger shape.

How to measure

Protective Rubber Equipment Labeling Chart

for Salisbury Natural Rubber and SALCOR® Rubber Protective Equipment

Rubber insulating gloves are available in six ASTM defined voltage classes. Rubber dipped sleeves are available in Class 0 through 4. The chart below identifies the class, proof test voltage and maximum allowable exposure voltage.

Salisbury ASTM labeling chart


Leather Protectors

Leather protectors worn over dielectric gloves must not come within a specified distance of the rubber glove's cuff. Please consult the chart for minimum acceptable distance for your application.

Salisbury Protector Distance Example
Salisbury Protector Distance Chart

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