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N&L Line Equipment

N&L Line Equipment specializes in serving the electrical transmission & distribution markets as well as the telecommunications and industrial electric industries . At LinemansEquipment.com, you can count on quality tools and outstanding customer service, delivered on time at a competitive price.

We Buy Used and Surplus Equipment

N&L Line Equipment buys used or surplus tools, safety gear, and other materials, regardless of condition. If you have material that you no longer use, or don't wish to pay to have repaired, let us know and we will make you a great offer. We are currently looking for hot sticks, extension arms, hydraulic crimping heads, manual crimpers, voltage detectors, hydraulic pole saws, unused leather protectors, and unused arc flash gear.

We Manufacture Canvas Products

N&L Line Equipment manufactures custom canvas products and materials to fit the needs of our customers. Our line of low-voltage and high-voltage glove bags are made in the USA, and exceed the highest quality standards. Priced at just $9.00 for a low-voltage glove bag and $11.00 for a high-voltage glove bag, our bags are able to compete with any manufacturer on the market. We're also able to manufacture other canvas products, so if you have a need for something that you can't find, let us know and we'll make it for you.

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